Contact us

How to contact us

For questions or help with getting started, you can send an email to the BLonD developer mailing list blond-developers (at); one of us will follow up your request.

For concrete issues with the code, you can also file a request on GitHub.


Current team members
  • Simon Albright, simon.albright (at)
  • Theodoros Argyropoulos, theodoros.argyropoulos (at)
  • Heiko Damerau, heiko.damerau (at)
  • Konstantinos Iliakis, konstantinos.iliakis (at)
  • Ivan Karpov, ivan.karpov (at)
  • Alexandre Lasheen, alexandre.lasheen (at)
  • Luis Medina Medrano, luis.eduardo.medina.medrano (at)
  • Danilo Quartullo, danilo.quartullo (at)
  • Giulia Papotti, giulia.papotti (at)
  • Markus Schwarz, (at)
  • Helga Timko, helga.timko (at)
  • Panagiotis Tsapatsaris, panagiotis.tsapatsaris (at)
  • Mihaly Vadai, mihaly.vadai (at)
Previous team members
  • Juan Esteban Müller
  • Joël Repond